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Ujung Genteng Beach, located in Sukabumi, south of West Java, is a paradise for tourists who want to enjoy a variety of natural beauty ranging from beaches, conservation, waterfalls, nature, culture, geoparks and many other tourist objects that can be obtained visitors who want to stay long at this tourist location because not only the beach will be enjoyed.

   To complement these tourist facilities, we established a hotel that is very strategic and comfortable for tourists, equipped with adequate facilities to meet your comfort while resting, with the concept of a beach where you rest making you enjoy your vacation even more.

   Of course we also serve a restaurant and it will be very interesting for you when you enjoy a meal at our restaurant, because it is an out door restaurant so you can see the beautiful side of the beach at the end of the tile when you relax,  You will also get interesting things when you visit several tourist objects that have become a mainstay for tourists.

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