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      The tourist paradise located in the Ujung Genteng beach area offers various objects, besides beaches including turtle conservation, waterfalls, historic sites, hill views, caves and watersport locations such as fishing, surfing, kite surf, diving, snorkeling and many other water sports that can be enjoyed. you did.

Green turtle conservation

  Green turtles have lived in the Jurassic era (145-208 million years ago) There is a turtle conservation national park on Pangumbahan beach. You can observe green turtles from laying their eggs at night to releasing their young turtles (turtles) in the afternoon.


  Visiting a waterfall has its own beauty, in Sukabumi there are many waterfalls that you can visit, one of which is Curug Cikaso and Curug Cigangsa, a distance of about 30 km from Ujung Genteng beach. three waterfalls  side by side, you can enjoy a natural bath that will be different when you bathe at home.

Wave  7

     Seven waves are included in the category of the best waves for surfing  in Indonesia, about 15-km from our hotel, and road access is a barrier when visiting it, for lovers of this sport they can pay a lot to get their own satisfaction.


    Geopark is a geological heritage that has scientific value (knowledge), rarely has comparisons elsewhere (rare), and has aesthetic value in various scales. These values unite to form a unique area.

Brown sugar

     Here you can see the traditional making of brown sugar, taste the water from coconut flower juice (land), you can also taste the fresh brown sugar, ummm.. great!!!! Perfect for gifts to take home.

Surf West Java

     This beach has a variety of surf spots ranging from waves for beginners to professional levels, so Ujung Genteng Beach  not famous only in the country but many foreign tourists who come to touch the waves owned by this beach,

             Surf spots that are often encountered by foreign tourists are Turtle Waves, Ombak Tujuh, Mama Waves and Teratai Waves in that place, surfing lovers will be spoiled with interesting waves.

Mountain Bike

  This hobby as well as sport is currently being enjoyed by many people because it is an easy and challenging sport, many of them even make bicycle communities and go on touring places, such as the beach trip at the end of the tile, which is around the coast.



     This spot is located at the Ujung Genteng beach break, the wind conditions are very good in summer or rainy season, the length of the orphanage is about 5km at the bottom of the beach  sand is ideal for beginners and professionals.

off road

    hobby  this one is the most challenging besides having to prepare a 4x4 Off Road car as well as mentally tough, a road awaits Off Road lovers with a super interesting challenge, namely the road to Ombak Tujuh, where the road has often been used by offroaders for road trips. .

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